Auto-Attendant Series Part 3 – Holiday Greetings

One of the things that needs to be part of every companies close out procedure for the previous year is looking at what are going to be the holidays for the next year, and making those changes in your phone system. If you don’t callers to your business may hear your holiday greeting on a day you are open…. MOST HOLIDAYS CHANGE DATES EACH YEAR – SIMPLE TO UPDATE ON A CLOUD SYSTEM – See list of 2017 and 2018 dates at the bottom of this email To accomplish the adjustments, you will log in as the administrator, and go to the services tab. For reference CLICK here for the Blueline portal. Then go to the Holiday tab. Then you can Edit a holiday from the previous year and adjust the date for next year. From here you can also delete a holiday, or add a new holiday. A best […]

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Auto-Attendant Series Part 2

How do I setup a Blueline  Auto Attendant? An auto attended is a recorded greeting and associated menu at which the caller can select from multiple options to choose how their call is routed. The caller can dial any extension defined for the PBX, as well as a set of options that route to the digits on a phone dial pad. There is no limit to the number of auto attendants, there can be as many as the customer wishes. To create an auto attendant, click Auto Attendants, then click New Attendant:   General Setting Attendant Name – a short name given to each attendant, this is just something to refer to the attendant by within the portal. Attendant Timeout – the amount of time after the greeting is finished playing, before the Timeout rule is executed. Digit Timeout – the amount of time between key presses before the attendant attempts to connect the user to the […]

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Auto-Attendant Series Part 1

Can Auto-Attendants help or hurt my company? When properly designed, auto attendants manage incoming calls with a professional touch, when poorly designed, they can be a annoyance for customers you do not want. What is an auto-attendant exactly? Auto-attendants help many businesses handle their calls and customer requests by acting as almost a digital receptionist when it comes to certain, simple customer needs like getting transferred to an extension. They come in the form of a greeting that plays for your customer, and your telecom company can help you design, schedule and record the greeting in a way that is pleasant to hear, time-saving for your customers and helpful for your business flow. When designed correctly, auto-attendants really do save time and energy by keeping things simple for you and your customers! Here’s how they work: Typically, an auto-attendant provides a menu of options to your customer to help route […]

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