Auto-Attendant Series Part 1

Can Auto-Attendants help or hurt my company? When properly designed, auto attendants manage incoming calls with a professional touch, when poorly designed, they can be a annoyance for customers you do not want. What is an auto-attendant exactly? Auto-attendants help many businesses handle their calls and customer requests by acting as almost a digital receptionist when it comes to certain, simple customer needs like getting transferred to an extension. They come in the form of a greeting that plays for your customer, and your telecom company can help you design, schedule and record the greeting in a way that is pleasant to hear, time-saving for your customers and helpful for your business flow. When designed correctly, auto-attendants really do save time and energy by keeping things simple for you and your customers! Here’s how they work: Typically, an auto-attendant provides a menu of options to your customer to help route […]

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Basic Functions of my new cloud phone…

BASIC FUNCTIONS OF MY NEW PHONE… So you have a new phone system, a cloud phone system, a UCaaS phone system, there are so many advanced capabilities of your system, but how do you do the very basic things. Let’s start with a few phone system definitions and a few basics that might be valuable to you: Answering A Call – Pick up the phone. To use the speaker Hit “Answer” when it is ringing OR just touch the speaker button which is the middle button to the right of the key pad. How about answering a call when you’re one the phone already? Just Hit “Answer” and it will answer the new call and put the first call on hold. Making A Call – Pick up the phone and dial a number. To call using the speaker hit “New Call” and dial your number OR touch the speaker button and then […]

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