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Auto Attendant

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Ring Groups

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Understanding your Blueline Invoice

Step One: Once you have opened your Invoice number, choose ‘Print/PDF Version‘ in order to see invoice in entirety. Step Two: Download document to view: Highlighted in Green at top left, you can see the billing cycle. Invoice Number, Account Number, and Billing usage dates. Line One: Business Class Cloud Extension: Monthly charge for Mobile extensions on Account Line Two: Business Class Extensions: Number of TOTAL seats on account. Line Three: Unlimited Call Path: Total

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Basic Functions of my new cloud phone…

BASIC FUNCTIONS OF MY NEW PHONE… So you have a new phone system, a cloud phone system, a UCaaS phone system, there are so many advanced capabilities of your system, but how do you do the very basic things. Let’s start with a few phone system definitions and a few basics that might be valuable to you: Answering A Call – Pick up the phone. To use the speaker Hit “Answer” when it is ringing OR

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