Stay Connected. Any Time. Any Where.

Have a mobile workforce? Use auto attendants, cloud extensions and mailboxes to stay connected with your customers and employees—with all the features of a high end phone system. It’s easy to use and manage, without the cost of a tradition PBX solution. Best of all, you can seamlessly connect mobile and home workers with current or future office locations. It’s all the same cloud communications framework, so you can scale up as needed, and connect based on your specific business requirements.

Business First

What if we told you if you could answer your business desk phone from your cell phone? Yes, you heard right! With Blueline Mobility employees can answer their business line using their cell phone, giving them the ability to separate business from personal communications. Never again do employees have to give away their personal cell phone number in order to conduct business. The company number follows anyone across any device and anywhere ensuring seamless customer service, better productivity and professionalism. Plus, all customer/contact lists stay right where they should – with the company.

Rich Features

Like we’ve been telling you, we at Blueline have to make sure that you stand out first. How do we do that? By providing you the best and most possible features but not only for your desk phone but across any mobile device too. Just like your desk phone, you will receive features such as extension dialing, conference calling company directory, hold, call transfer, etc. But we just don’t stop there! With Blueline Mobility, your iOS and Android device will boast premium features such as video conferencing, peer-to-peer video, calendar access, CRM integration, instant messaging, etc. Basically, you can take your communication system on the go!

Solid, Secure Connection

Question? How many times are you on the phone with a prospective client, working out the details of a big deal. You walk into your building’s elevator and your call drops. Experiencing dropped calls is not something you have time for or can afford.

Blueline Mobility takes a scenario like above and kicks it to the curb with our Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) solution, ensuring coverage throughout your building – no matter where you are.

Not to mention, Blueline Mobility can identify when a user is outside your company’s firewall and automatically launches an application-layer SSL VPN that offers the security you need to keep your business safe when on the go.

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