Step One:

Once you have opened your Invoice number, choose ‘Print/PDF Version‘ in order to see invoice in entirety.

Step Two:

Download document to view:


  • Highlighted in Green at top left, you can see the billing cycle. Invoice Number, Account Number, and Billing usage dates.

    • Line One: Business Class Cloud Extension: Monthly charge for Mobile extensions on Account
    • Line Two: Business Class Extensions: Number of TOTAL seats on account.
    • Line Three: Unlimited Call Path: Total Number of users allowed to be on the phone at one given time (actual Line total).
    • Line Four: Domestic Extension Rate: Surcharge per extension.
    • Line Five: E911 Service Charge: Surcharge for E911 Usage capabilities.
    • Line Six: Auto attendant: charge for usage of Auto Attendant
    • Line Seven: QOS Management: Proactive monitoring of service, troubleshooting and reporting of QOS Device.
    • Line Eight: Domestic Toll-Free Number: Charge for having a toll free number on Account
  • These are charges for service monthly. The next Section is “Non Recurring Charges

Non Recurring.png

  • The Non-Recurring Charges Section will reflect the following:

    • Any work done: service calls, move orders, troubleshooting that is beyond the measure of a “Blueline Service Issue”
    • Additional equipment added to account 
  • Taxes and Fees: IP Network Access, HIPPA Compliancy tax, Any Discounts would reflect here, Sales Tax (unless Tax exempt), and USF Charges (Standard Telecom Tax).
  • Calling Summary: Minutes above and beyond included, any International Usage, Incoming Toll-Free Calls, Conference Bridge Usage, Calling Card Usage, and Directory Assistance usage.

The end of your invoice will show a detailed list of EVERY Toll-Free Call made on your account for the month of service. 

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