How to Add Users to the Blueline Portal in under 90 seconds…


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Hosted Cloud Fax to PDF

How do I use a Hosted Cloud Fax? Are you still paying for analog fax line? Do you still rely on a physical fax machine that prints out wherever it happens to be ? Does someone has to get those faxes , then has to scan them , distribute them etc. How about sending a fax? Do you have to print out what you want to fax and go to a machine to scan and then send and then wait till it is confirmed to go out ? In today’s world where so much is done via email, the ability to leverage whatever email platform you use today makes it easy to make the shift to a hosted fax to PDF system. We simply use e-mail attachments. The cost of a Hosted Fax is less then an “analog line” and gives you much more flexibility. With this feature, faxes are […]

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Basic Functions of my new cloud phone…

BASIC FUNCTIONS OF MY NEW PHONE… So you have a new phone system, a cloud phone system, a VoIP phone system, there are so many advanced capabilities of your system, but how do you do the very basic things. Let’s start with a few phone system definitions and a few basics that might be valuable to you: Answering A Call – Pick up the phone. To use the speaker Hit “Answer” when it is ringing OR just touch the speaker button which is the middle button to the right of the key pad. How about answering a call when you’re one the phone already? Just Hit “Answer” and it will answer the new call and put the first call on hold. Making A Call – Pick up the phone and dial a number. To call using the speaker hit “New Call” and dial your number OR touch the speaker button and then […]

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